Weather demons are able to pass for humans nearly flawlessly. They are dominant-personality types and have ‘that something’ that makes them the center of attention—even if they do not want to be. Their hair is usually a washed-out hue of any color hair (for example: extremely light brown, gray of some sort, light blue, light red, etc).
Their eyes, however, are brilliantly colored—dark but bright eyes (emerald greens, ruby reds, mahogany browns, etc.)

They can blend in with humans supernaturally and they have great charisma. When higher in altitude their manipulation of the weather is much stronger. They control it with movement so the more open their environment and the more they can move, the better their control over the weather is.

Their weather-controlling powers are amazing (they are always on the move and are just bursting with energy). As adults, they are at their weakest. They mostly have experience to rely on rather than the raw power of the younglings.

Their weather control is weakened if their lives have not been healthy, for if they cannot move, they can barely control their element.

The very source of their abilities is the outside atmosphere. If they have no access to that, they cannot control the weather. Their abilities only work if they are connected to the outside. If they are inside a house on the second story with the windows opened, then they would be able to bring about changes in the weather. If they are in the basement bathroom… well, they just can’t do it.

Overall Personalities:
Weather demons come in a variety of personalities but whatever their personality: There is always some sort of leadership to be found. In fact, a loner weather demon could only be alone with people constantly wondering about him and attempting to capture his attention. Whatever their personality, they are never without someone wondering about them. Most of them are extroverts. The few introverts are only introverts in that they think to themselves even if they cannot be alone.

Interesting Facts:

Weather demons are one of two types of demons without a “demon state” (Winged Demon is the other) but they are the only kind that appears totally human. They are able to fly with the control of wind and air despite the lack of wings. While it is pretty to see by humans, other types of demons laugh at them mercilessly.

Weather demons are like the mixed races of the demon world. They are mostly Air demon, but control other bits of the weather due to being mixed with Fire, Electricity, Water, and Ice demons. Individually, they may vary, but all Weather demons are at least partially Air, Power (Electricity sub-class), and Water. Because of this mixed heritage, they don't have a huge control over any one thing. Should a Weather Demon and a Water Demon compete for the creation of rain, a water demon would win every time for their specific talent is more powerful.

There are different cultures or strengths for Weather Demons, depending on how their bloodline is mixed:

Rain Maker - Dominant Water Demon bloodline (prominantly recognised as shaman)
Storm Bringer - Dominant Power Demon (Electricity sub-class) bloodline (prominantly recognised for lightning creation)
Traveller - Dominant Air Demon bloodline (prominantly recognised for flying abilities)

Weather demons live only twice as long as average human beings but never truly die. When they do “die”, it’s pretty much them vanishing into whatever element they were most fond of and having their essence travel into the womb of a demon or human and being born differently. Dying is a choice for them. While they can be killed, dying of old age is voluntary. After reaching the age of 150, they can choose to die or they can stay alive and travel to any of the demon dimensions where their old age wont make them handicapped as it would in Earth.

Subgroup of: Air, Power (Electricity sub-class), and Water (at least)

Artwork: Gilad Benari, Heading Into A Storm [Website]