Additional to Roleplay City Rules

Infusco is a Yaoi (Shounen-Ai) modern fantasy/supernatural roleplaying site.

Yaoi and Shounen-Ai are Japanese terms that mean Male x Male romantic relationships. The type of literature that falls into this category has obtained a cult status - one that we will be catering to here.

Modern means current times, present date.


Fantasy/Supernatural means vampires predominantly, and other creatures listed in the Species Charts.

Female characters are welcome, though keep in mind that most (but not all) male characters are going to be attracted to other males in Infusco storylines.

If homosexuality is a problem for you, then Infusco is not for you. Do not register just to post negative comments or you will be banned from ALL areas of

Adult content is allowed. The rating for all Roleplay City roleplaying forums is 18+

Before you post anywhere, you need a character. Use the Character Sheet [link] to guide you for the kind of information we are after. Be specific. Only the species available in our Species Charts [link] are allowed, so if you can't find a sheet on Elves, Elves are not allowed. Please note that Vampires, Werewolves and so forth have very specific guidelines as to how they should be played. For instance, in Infusco you will not find a vampire who can go walking around outside in daylight without consequence.

Post your character in the Pending Characters [link] forum – a new character has to be approved by Admins or Moderators before you can begin roleplaying. When this has been done, you will receive a message, and then you can roleplay with that character. You might be asked to make changes or supply more information. Remember, a character sheet only has to be written once so feel free to give lots of information and detail. Images are welcome but we do not rely on them.

Before you post in a forum, we expect you to read the full description for that forum if it has one.

If you are joining a roleplay, you should interact with the other characters in your first post or at least supply a prompt.

If you are starting a new roleplay, you must advertise your roleplay start in the New Roleplays [link] section so other members can find you. Make sure you put a link to your roleplay in that area. If you do not know how to post a link, click here.

If you have a question, post it in the Help Files and Suggestions [link] forum.

The Nameless City does have a name, it’s just that we don’t name it. It could be any large city in the United States. It has around five million people in its population, roughly 3500 of which are supernatural, so human beings are dominant in number.

Vampires, demons, lycans, fae and other critters that are not human, hide themselves away from those they live among. They do not reveal themselves to humankind because that would account for all sorts of problems, especially of a scientific 'research' kind, so it's better that humans remain ignorant. Very few humans knew of the existence of these creatures, and wouldn’t tell anyone for fear of being disbelieved or of betraying their loyalty to a ‘superior race’. There are humans who think humankind is scum, too, and worship other species.

Halwyn and Lazarus, two vampires who were after power, changed all that. A mere two years ago, an apocalypse began as creatures banded together and revealed themselves, sick of being ‘oppressed’ and ‘hiding’ when they were ‘superior’. It became an anarchy, for the two vampires who began it had no way of controlling it.

This carried on for a year before a new power came into town – a leader (Halen) and his political group (known as the Oligarchy (pronounced like Monarchy), put things back to the way they have been. With help from other contacts, the city is back to normal, and the madness was blamed on a bad leak from a chemical factory, causing mass hysteria and hallucinations.

Or so that is what most of the city believe, about 95% of it. Of the remaining 5%, those people know the truth or suspect it, and even fewer say it out loud, for fear of being locked up in an asylum. A lot of the 5% are those that are loyal to the vampires and creatures that once used to openly run the city.

Now they once again control the city without humans being aware, though Lazarus once again took over as leader of the city, dethroning Halen. He hasn't yet changed any of the rules, but there is potential for trouble ahead.

Because of the Oligarchy's presence, the supernatural have their rules too, or else they face punishment.

1) A supernatural creature must not reveal themselves to a human in any way, shape or form.

2) If a supernatural wishes to keep a human ‘pet’, then they must gain council approval first.

3) If a vampire wishes to make a fledgling, or a werewolf wants to pass on their blood curse to another, then they must gain council approval first.

4) If a supernatural directly goes against the wishes of the council, they will have to face the council’s punishment.

5) At this point in time, a supernatural is allowed to kill a human without explanation

There is also a Setting [link] description in Infusco, that covers these points and a few others.

There is a Chambers of the Oligarchy forum [link] which shows which members have characters that wield power with the Oligarchy. Only these members can use henchmen NPC's to 'godmode' your character to stand before the council and face any potential sentencing.

This site is dedicated to character development and interactions.

Infusco is a timeline environment. This means you have to be consistent to the timeline. If your character gets wounded in a roleplay with somebody, then the next roleplay you start your character should be wounded or healing from the wound.

Even though we have one timeline, we don't mind if you play the same character in two different places at once, as long as you realise one RP takes place the next day/night to the other. This is called a liquid timeline. Keep in mind this might be difficult for you if one roleplay races ahead. (We encourage members who want to roleplay more than one storyline at a time, to make more than one character).

Put some work into your character descriptions. Histories do not have to be revealed but personality does. There are two standard character sheets for your use. One to fill out for characters who have a most interesting background that you feel needs to be told, and another which is physical appearance only (so when another RPer reads your character sheet, it is as though they are 'looking' at your character).

If you want to play a powerful demon, then feel free, but even powerful demons have limitations. Everybody has a weakness or a flaw. These flaws are fun to play as well. Put a little thought into the limitations of your character. Don’t just say: “Allergic to chocolate” because that isn’t a flaw they face everyday. Make their flaw something to do with their personality.

Above all else, be consistent! Don’t make a demure character and then make them the life of the party just because you want a little action. Think about what you want to play, and build a character to suit.

There is no limit on how many characters each role player may have, but inactive characters will be retired/deleted by Admin.

Keep in mind that not every character is going to adore your character. Do not take it personally. Don't wail to Admin that such and such doesn't like you because their character broke up with yours. It would be boring if everyone liked your character.