The city is an American city, and is a representation of any American city, therefore it is nameless. It does, however, have a name, it's just that it's not mentioned.

The weather is what America is experiencing here and now, as all these Roleplays are supposed to be happening in today's day and age, with all the modern conveniences available, so consider this when proposing a roleplay start - it's a good idea to discuss the weather and time of day/night, for a lot of people have characters that can't venture out in the daytime hours. Sometimes it's fun to have a rainy RP as well.

This particular city draws a large crowd of supernatural beings and it has to do with a number of leylines criss-crossing each other in 'hotspots'. Pisky Memorial Park is one of them, a few of the City Streets is another. Numbers of the supernatural are high here.

Also, this particular city has a high percentage of homosexuality, and the population knows it and DOES NOT FIND IT PECULIAR. That's just how it is in the nameless city - it is a haven, in more ways than one.

Roughly five milliion (5,000,000) people live in the Nameless City. About 400 are vampires, 800 are demons, and another 2500 or so are 'other types'. Mortals still outnumber the supernaturals by a hell of a lot, and vampires have a fairly united front.

The Oligarchy is a council made up of a representative from each of supernatural beings, including vampires, demons, werewolves, shapeshifters and fae. There is NOT a representative for human beings on the council. The council ensure that the supernaturals remain hidden.

Two years ago, Lazarus and another vampire took over the city with the help of a number of supernatural creatures - a 'coming out' party that had mortals fleeing the streets in shock. That was then put to order after a year by the Oligarchy, who resumed the normality from chaos, and the cover story of a 'gas leak from a nearby chemical factory that made people hallucinate' was set up. Most people believe it, some people suppress the memory, others doubt it. Whatever the case, the ones in the know are rarer than the ones who don't know. People have a way of not wanting to know an ugly truth.

After a year of peace, Lazarus has dethroned the Luminary (Leader of the Oligarchy) and taken his role. So far things remain unchanged.

Further investigation as to the setting can be found in RULES and in the sticky topics at the CHAMBERS OF THE OLIGARCHY forum.

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