Classification: Demon

Demonic Form:
Their skin can be the colour of fluffy white clouds, heavy rain-carrying grey storm clouds, or any colour of the sky (shades of blues of the day, purples of twilight, reds and oranges of dusk and dawn, or midnight blue or black of night).

They have giant batlike wings that extend one and a half times their frame (a six foot demon would have nine foot wings).

They are extremely muscular due to the physical exertion of flying, have cloven feet for fast and firm footed running (for take-off) and long pointed twisting horns of the kind that might've started the unicorn mythology (except they have two sprouting from their temples.

Human Form:
Eyes and hair are the colour of their demonic skin. Their hair is their vanity and they tend to keep it long in both forms. They look as they did before the 'kiss' took place (See: Creation). 

An Air Demon is created by another Air Demon, literally with a kiss. They blow air into the recipient and fill their bodies with what makes them air demons. They must do this several times before it takes. The understanding of air demons is that if the 'kiss' is performed once a night for a week, the human will always transform into an air demon. Less than that and it might not take. The ritual can be performed on sleeping recipients. It takes roughly a month for the transformation to be complete.

If an Air Demon and a human procreate without siring and a child is born of the union, that would create a Winged Demon.

In Human Form:

  • Not afraid of heights and are rather daring when in high places
  • They are able to turn into their demon (air) form at will
  • They are very good at resisting cold and don't mind playing in the rain or in snow with summer clothing on

In Demon Form:

  • They can manipulate air currents so if they are physically tired but mentally active, they can still fly for a long time
  • Extremely resistant to cold temperatures (for it gets cold high in the sky)
  • If an Air Demon loses their wings, they know that another pair will grow back, but it would take a year

In Human Form:
When shape shifting to their original human form, they only retain their physical strength. Though this strength is formidable by human standards, their ability to control air is lost, making them uncomfortable and their human skin constrictive.

In Demon Form:
Heat weakens them, will exhaust them quicker, though they still make use of warm air currents

General Personalities:
They have a very limited attention span and are rather shallow and fickle beings. Emotionally unstable to boot, air demons tend to have a flair for the dramatic but are rather happy and bouyant types, most of the time. When angry, a quick fly around in the air lifts their spirits and they tend to pursue things that make them happy, shying away from whatever or whoever tends to make them sad or angry. The love to avoid confrontation and simply blow away on the wind.

They don't recognise family units so much as their Creator (the one who performs the 'kiss'), or Sire. Their heirachy is much like the vampire heirachy, sire and fledgling, rather than brethren of their mortal bloodline.

Artwork: Silvio Schoisswohl, Demon [Website]