Classification: Demon

Demonic Form:
Skin is the colour of the earth, reds or oranges of the desert, browns of fertile land, greys or blacks of silt, or blondes of sandy beaches. Eyes are dead black due to their underground nature.

They have no hair in demon form, no eyebrows, eyelashes and are completely bald. They have large curled horns, very much like a ram's, and the size of their horns relates to their demonic powers (which mature with age).

Human Form:
Eyes are the colour of their demonic skin, but they are still hairless all over. The darker the demon, the more tanned the human appears. A brown male earth demon tends to look like a black man, or a yellow female earth demon would be a very pale caucasian woman. Fingernails are always dirty, no matter how often they clean them

Earth Demons tend to live in clans, or large groups. They create others in much the same way werewolves do (see: Creation) and take in their brethren to teach and show the ways of the Earth Demon. They tend to mark those who are ready and willing, rather than those off the street, but it's been known to happen.

They are created by other Earth Demons, not born. With their fingernails they scratch large amounts of flesh from a human (usually the back), and if the human isn't killed in the process, usually the small amount of DNA that is transferred between the human and the demon that marks them, incurrs a transformation in the victim over the course of a month. Usually, after 2 weeks, the attacker will come to claim their demonic creation and explain what's going on, to bring them into their clan.

Demonic Form Only

  • Able to undergo transformation akin to shape-shifting that will allow them to appear as they did before being marked by an Earth Demon.
  • They are able to cause minor disturbances in the earth. If experiencing strong emotions or in a large group of other Earth Demons, they are able to cause major havoc such as devastating earthquakes or even volcanic eruptions by shifting earthen plates. Lava, being hot melted earth and not fire, is controlled by Earth Demons, not by Fire.
  • Can mold the earth to suit their purposes with mental ability.

Demonic Form
They hate water of any kind and refuse to go out in the rain. Phobic to an intense degree, they would kill anyone that tried to bring them to water. It wouldn't kill them, but water weakens them, for earth becomes mud, and mud is difficult to control. Water also cools their natural earthen body temperature, which is painful to them.

Human Form
When shape shifting to their original human form, they only retain their physical strength. Though this strength is formidable by human standards, their psychic eye and sense of the earth is lost, making them uncomfortable and their human skin constrictive.

Artwork: Sheharzad_Arshad, Dream 1 [Website]