Classification: Demon


Demonic Form:
They are made entirely of flames. All young demons start off as a yellow flame and in mortal form have baby blonde hair and hazel eyes. As they grow older, their flame brightens and becomes redder, stepping through the light auburn, orange and burnt orange stages before a deep red can be reached in adulthood. They remain as a red flame for quite some time until they achieve elder status by turning into a blue/black flame. Their mortal forms mirror these changes.

Human Form:
Eyes and hair are the colour of the flames they currently possess. A guide to their colouring follows - because this is a guide that mirrors their physical development, the guide cannot be changed too dramatically (ie, you can't have a blonde adult Fire Demon).

AGE = Hair, Eyes, Skin
00 to 12 = Blonde or Strawberry Blonde, Amber, Light Tan
13 to 19 = Auburn or Dark Orange, Amber, Tan
20 to 40 = Dark Orange or Scarlett Red, Hazel or Various Shades of Brown, Dark Tan
41 to 60 = Black, Light Blue, Dark Brown


They are created by other fire demons, not born. Mostly it is a council of elder Fire Demons that create them, and even though there are distinctly males and females even without the Demonic society, one of each is not needed to create offspring - however, should two males create a child from their flames, the child can only be male, and should the creator demons both be female, then the child can only be female. More than one creator can make a child. The bigger the group that makes the child, the more powerful that child can be once he grows to adulthood. Most Fire Demons die in their 50s, rarely do they achieve 60 years of age.

In Human Form:

  • They will not burn in fire, the flames only lick around them, not scarring their tissue.
  • They are able to turn into their demon (fire) form at will, thereby eliminating physical danger to their mortal form (as long as the temperature is warm enough to support their demon form)
  • They can resist cold, though it makes them uncomfortable

In Demonic Form:

  • They can turn into their human form at will, so if they are threatened by water, ice or cold temperature they can change
  • They can cause a great amount of damage simply by touching things or enemies

In Human Form:

  • Uncomfortable in cold and susceptible to the temperature around them
  • When they first appear, they are naked which leads to a lot of socially awkward situations

In Demonic Form:

  • Do not have the stamina to put up with water, ice or the thinning of air. They would die, very quickly, if they couldn't change to mortal form.
  • They set fire to everything they touch in this form, leaving behind trails of disaster with every step whether they mean to or not

General Personalities:
Fire Demons are temperamental, but it varies on personality how short their fuses are. Once their temper is present, however, it is difficult to calm and the Fire demon will either leave in a huff or destroy everything in their path.

They don't recognise family units so much as their position in the tribe. There is a council of elders who delegate the tasks that have to be carried out for their tribe to continue existing. There are the adults who both carry out those tasks or are assigned workers or students to teach. There are students who learn until they can take over tasks themselves (and many students are left alone for a couple of years in between them learning and them being assigned tasks to carry out - like a holiday), and the very young, who play all day until they come of age.

Fire Gateways Into Other Planes:
Most of them don't care about the other planes of existence, though they have a very easy means of travelling to any plane where fire is created. If the fire is big enough for them to wriggle themselves through, they could step through the 'firegate' and appear in the fire itself. Only the more curious Fire Demons have ever bothered to visit, and usually this curiosity is sated after a few years of exploration to be replaced with boredom.

Artwork: Matthias Fahsold, Playing With Fire [Website]