Lesser Air Demon
(Air Demon created the human way, not sired)

They look like humans with wings. Their wings are usually a solid colour, and of stretched skin like a bat rather than the feathers of a bird.

Small but sharp claws are at each wing fold, and the wings are malleable enough to rest quite compact against their back, hidden easily with the help of a thick jacket or coat.

Their teeth appear human, but on closer inspection they are rather pointy and carnivorous, as though they’ve filed them sharp.

Their tongues are wicked long, rolling out between six to eight inches past their lips, and a little on the sandpapery side. Their wing colour is determined by the heritage of their Air Demon parent, sometimes clans will be formed and inbreeding will eventually bring forward a gene of a common wing colour, identifying the clan.

They have a faster healing power than most creatures, but it is not so rapid to prevent them from bleeding to death should they have a huge gash. If they come to be wingless, they would be bitter and irritable, but they could still survive that way. Some Winged Demons can grow back their wings, but only if their bloodline is close to their Air Demon heritage.

They cannot control the wind current like their more powerful counterparts, and their mortality makes them more human than demon. They tend to be simple-minded, unable to focus on more than one task at a time.

General Personalities:
Usually super-aggressive and temperamental, from centuries of being tormented as the ‘runts’ of the Air Demon species. They have a mild kinship with others of their own kind, as they have usually lived their childhood in a clan.

Interesting Facts:
A Winged Demon is a Lesser Air Demon, more often than not, a male Air Demon would be in human form when breeding with a female human. Due to their more mortal appearance and lesser powers, it is said that these creatures are a race that came from half-breeds, half demon and half human. They are not immortal, but some age faster than others.

Minimum: 1 Demon Year = 1 Human Year, approx 100 years of age is about the extent of that and a 20 year old demon would pass as a 20 year old human (with wings).
Maximum: 5 Demon Years = 1 Human Year, so a winged demon that's 100 years old, would look like a 20 year old human.

Artwork: Dee [Satyr], Half A Demon