Two Types:

  • Electricity Demons
  • Cyberkinetic Demons

Demon Form
Great, batlike wings that span 1 and a half their frame (a 6' demon would have 9' wings). The colour of their skin is either alabaster white, sand-coloured silicone yellow or an extremely pale light blue (i.e., white with a blue sheen). Their hair colour varies. Their eye colour is always light blue. When using their powers, their eyes become fully white, making them appear blind though they are not.

Human Form
They are the best transmuters of the demonic lot, taking on a human form that doesn't have to betray their skin colour or heritage.
A white demon can transform into a black human.

Their human form also doesn't need to be the same every time, though facial features don't change. Their hair can be different colours, but their eyes are always light blue.

Both types of power demons are able to transform into their preferred power and move around that way (i.e., electricity demons could turn into a bolt of lightning and move through clouds and then to the ground, or cyberkinetic demons could pulse their way through the internet and appear wherever there is a computer).

Electricity Demons:
Electricity demons possess the ability to manipulate electricity in all forms, both man-made or via nature itself with lightning. Electrical circuits and electrical equipment are prone to an Electricity Demon's manipulative skill. They can remove electriciy from the air and channel it into balls or beams at a target. The further away the target, the more electricity is lost into the air between the demon and it/them, so be wary when standing close to an Electricity Demon. They tend to make your hair stand on end, literally.

Cyberkinetic Demons:
Cyberkinetic demons possess the ability to manipulate and control computer networks or programs, being able to manipulate a computer or piece of computer related equipment without touching it. Radios, televisions and computers, are their main power source. Anything with a circuit board is prone, but they love computers the best.

In this day and age technology is all around us. With electrical equipment everywhere you look and thunderstorms every other week the power demons seem to have much more control of the surroundings than most would think. If a power demon has a grudge on you, it is highly likely you’re in for a continuation of misfortune.

Due to the constant current of electricity flowing through a power demon, going near water or conducting liquids or fluids can cause chemical reactions or explosions. They don't drink nor do they need to. When in human form they do not have access to any of their powers, though they can transform at will.

General Personalities:
Outrageous, often comitting acts that are seen as ‘shocking’. Very spontaneous and often fit into the ‘daredevil’ category of the demonic race. Always active and alive. Occasionally labeled as twitchy with excess energy. Spontaneous, vibrant and unpredictable.

Interesting Facts:
All power demons need a constant supply of electricity. Power demons require electricity like mortals require food or water, constant and daily. Powerful electrical shocks would be considered a large feast for electrical demons.

Artwork: (RPC manipulated) Original by panicalex, Demon From Light [Website]