Classification: Demon


Demonic Form:
These are the demons that most people associate with traditional Hell. Freakishly tall and either very muscular and solid or freakishly skinny with nothing in between, these creatures are the stuff of nightmares.

Pointed horns from their head, blood red or black hair (if any), black or dark gray skinned, and with eyes that are solid black or solid blood red. It’s impossible to tell pupil, iris, and sclera from one another.

A wingspan of huge proportion, batlike and clawed, cloven-hoofed with reversed-knee limbed, ancient civilisations called these demonic visages the Messengers of Hell, or Dark Satyrs. A pointed face and pointed ears, looking either bullish or weasly depending on their muscular or skinny frame - this is not a creature you ever want to have come for you out of the shadows.

Human Form:
In human form their frame takes on a vague appearance of their demonic form. A muscular demon looks like a well-built athlete of a human being, and a skinny demon seems to most like an accountant or businessman, but never considered a librarian due to the shrewd and chaotic look in their eyes. Despite being bald in demonic form, they can grow hair as a human, appearing of the age which is approxiamate to their demon age. (i.e., an elder demon would transform into a senior human being). Their pupils and irises remain dark, but the sclera becomes white, to hide their demonic heritage and look more human.

These creatures have impeccable vision, both in demonic and human form. Even on the darkest of nights they can put to use every bit of light around them.

As demons, they are able to abandon their corporeal forms and join with the shadows nearby. This makes them capable of a type of teleportation, because they can slip into one shadow and come out of another. More powerful demons can summon creatures from the shadows, anything from a growling dog to a prancing horse. These animals take on a physical form once they’ve been pulled from the shadows, and are able to inflict bodily harm on those they are defending their master from, but once the light touches them, they vanish. Nighttime is their haven, for darkness and shadows are everywhere, even in the absence of artificial light, the light of the moon is enough to send them careening through streets. Sunlight doesn't bother them either (except high noon, see: Weaknesses), due to the vast amount of shadows they cast and can jump around in.

When no shadows are present they are rendered helpless and forced to take on their human form. Because they are unable to use their demonic powers in this form, they have no more strength than a mere mortal and are easily slain. They do not enjoy the risk involved with venturing out at noon when shadows are tiny puddles, nor do they like buildings filled with flourecent tubes (and simply hate shopping centres, gas stations or anywhere else shadows are banished).

General Personalities:
Most Shadow Demons are known for being sneaky scoundrels that refuse to stay in one place during a fight, jumping around to punch and kick from all sides, siccing shadow beasts onto those who are powerless to stop them. They prefer chaos to order and tend to turn on anyone around them, regardless of relationship status. Most Shadow Demons are loners. The only time they work for a Master, is when they have been summoned to in use of an Ancient spell. Should that spell be broken, watch out, for they are vindictive, spiteful and vengeful creatures.

Artwork: (RPC manipulated) Original by Rob Thomas, Demon [Website]