Classification: Demon


In human form they can look like any normal human, except their nails are usually gray in colour. If they’re brunette with gray eyes, the smoky wisp they are in demon form will be a polluted looking browny-gray. If they’re blonde and blue eyed, their demon form will appear as sulfur vapor. A redhead would look like a blood-mist in their true form. Obviously a more ‘natural’ colour for smoke is favourable as they can hide better… especially in a cigarette-smoke filled room.

Because they have no fear of falling and hurting themselves, they tend to be fearless when it comes to heights and performing risky stunts. In the event something goes wrong, *poof* they’re a wisp of smoke and only their clothes will fall.

They need cigarettes to keep their strength up, as this is the way they recharge themselves and their powers. A non-smoker Smoke Demon will die. When they turn into smoke, they lose their clothing so they have to find some when they transform into human, just so they don’t have to run around naked.

General Personalities:
A bit flippant, detached and easily distracted. Rather nomadic by nature, and curious because they can easily pry into other people’s business by being a bit of smoke in a private room.

Interesting Facts:
A Smoke demon is a half breed cross between a Fire Demon and an Air Demon. The mixing of elements tends to create a detectable smell, and therefore smoke demons smell either of gasoline, cigarettes or specific burning products. Due to their wispy smoky true form, they prefer a more corporeal presence and usually appear in their human form.

Artwork: Elisa Lazo de Valdez, Smoke III [Website]