Demonic Form:
They look very much like something out of a 1940s horror film. Their ocean-coloured scaled skin is tough and resilient. Gills cut into their throat so they can breathe underwater. With webbed fingers and no legs to speak of, the lower half possesses a fishlike tail.

Their skin is ocean-coloured, with no variation other than lightness/darkness of tone.

These demons were the beginning of the mermaid tales by seamen due to the fact they can transform their monstrous selves to appear human.

Human Form:
Eyes and hair are the blue-green of the ocean, there are no other variations except for tone of the shade (lighter or darker).


They are born between two parents (male and female), but the process is not one filled with love. They do it much like fish do, the female lays eggs and the male fertilises them when he finds them. Water demons are created in the hundreds, but very few survive the treacherous oceans. One or two out of every hundred survive, and they're wily, resistant or extremely lucky beings.

In Human Form:

  • They are excellent swimmers
  • They can breathe underwater, for they can open their gills in their neck even in human form and take oxygen from the water
  • They love cold temperatures and don't chill as easily as their human counterparts

In Demonic Form:

  • Fastest swimming creature in the ocean
  • They can breathe underwater
  • They can manipulate tides and currents
  • They can salvage items out of the vast ocean depths and can resist the pressure of water at such depths for they can take on a watery form and blend with it (for short periods of time)

In Human Form:

  • Uncomfortable in warm temperatures and tend to look for ways to cool down
  • They need to stay hydrated and always have to have a bottle of water with them, for drinking.

In Demonic Form:

  • They cannot leave the water because they cannot breathe air unless transformed into human

General Personalities:
Water Demons are mostly cool and indifferent, but if wronged, they can be as rily as the ocean on a stormy day - uncontrollable and destructive.

They don't recognise family units because they were alone as children and wouldn't know who their parents are anyway.


Artwork: Dorian Cleavenger, Night Crawler [Website]