Other Name: Lycanthropes

Classification: Human

The History of the Werewolf:
There are too many mythologies based on the beginnings of werewolves, but it is considered a curse in the nameless city.

The most widely accepted tale of werewolf history is of the Greek tale of Lycaon, who willingly ate the flesh of another human being and was cursed by the Gods to turn into a wolf to portray his nature.

The Transformation
Only two things encourage the transformation of a werewolf into it's alter ego:

o Cycle of a full moon
o Threat of physical death

Should one of these events make itself present, the transformation cannot be denied.

NOTE: The transformation is never complete - the werewolf is a beast, a monster, not a true wolf but rather a person who has wolf features.

Skills and Abilities / Flaws & Weaknesses

In all essence, they are human until transformed, so can pass for human
Other supernatural creatures can smell the wolf in them, even in human form
When transformed, they are extremely strong but cannot control themselves
They cannot be killed when transformed, unless with a silver bullet
Even in human form, they have an allergic reaction to silver
Their bite can curse a human, but not any other species
They are not affected by a vampire's bite - a blood exchange will kill them

There is no known cure
There are items that can help them control themselves, when transformed

Artwork: Stanlee Houston, Werewolf [Website]