Classification: Angel

Extremely Rare

Angels are always good, upstanding creatures who follow their ethics and morals.

They can be overly righteous and sometimes over-bearing, but they always mean well.

Angels are usually friendly (though you can have a grumpy angel, as long as they are still - in essence - good).

A strong sense of morals and ethics come with these beings. They always have a choice, however, and temptation is always there for them – but even though they’re tempted by evil, they shun it (if not, they become Fallen Angels)

Immortal. They stop aging when they mature to the appearance of a 25 year old.


  • They all have wings. Their wings are either white or gold.
  • They have an ethereal glow or natural radiance. Some refer to this as a halo, but it's not a ring around their heads, it radiates from all parts of them
  • Their hair colouring is either white or gold.
  • Extremely attractive, a lot of the time because their beauty is so flawless, they look rather androgynous.

Magical Talents

  • Glamour: An illusion where they can ‘hide’ their wings and radiance to appear more human.
  • Bless: They can heal a mortal being with a single touch and word of prayer. This touch on a different kind of creature (such as demon, vampire or dark angel) would burn them.
  • Physically Strong: Very strong, whether they look it or not

They have a natural ability to produce beautiful music, especially singing (hence the term: s/he sings like an angel)
They are skilled soldiers, and are known to fight great wars with swords for a just cause. They are able to kill without falling, as long as they slay evil in the name of justice and not for other means.

Artwork: Parker Fitzgerald, Gabriel - Hero Portrait [Website]