Rarity: Common

How to RP this Type of Vampire:
o No aversion to holy symbols or crosses, garlic or silver
o There will be a reflection
o Their body cannot process food or drink but they can still consume it, though they will throw it up within a few minutes.
o Coffins can be used, but a dark sheet/curtain/shutters on the window and a normal bed is more common
o They can be awake during the day but shouldn’t be touched by sunlight
o The sun will destroy a fledgling to ash immediately, but will burn an Ancient slower, (ie, will be burned slowly instead of dissolving on the spot)
o Anything that destroys the heart or removes the head will kill a vampire
o There is no heartbeat.
o Movements can be extremely rapid to mortals
o They are very strong physically – they have vampire super-strength
o Mental abilities such as telepathy are available only to those who put effort into learning it
o A willing human will find feeding from quite sexually charged and pleasant
o A struggling human will find the bite painful and extremely unpleasant

How To Create a Fledgling:
The goal is to replace the mortal’s blood with vampire blood.

There is a quality to vampire blood that gives the mortal a pleasant sensation so initially they would drink. The taste is not so great, until the mortal begins the transition to fledgling (about halfway through the process).

There are many acceptable methods as long as the goal is met.
1. A vampire could drain a mortal and return them from the brink of death with their own blood. This method doesn’t need the mortal’s permission.
2. A vampire could cycle the blood by drinking from the mortal whilst being drunk from. This method would require the mortal’s willingness.
3. A blood transfusion would work, should enough blood be gained.

Age of the Vampire
If a vampire survives long enough, they will find benefits as they age.

Fledgling – 0 to 1 year
Needs to feed on at least one fully drained mortal a night (or 2 if they don’t wish to kill)
A bullet wound would take about two hours to heal, but drinking blood will speed it up
Without a sire to teach them, they will be clumsy when they bite
They have no vampiric mental abilities (unless they were not human when sired)
The sun would dissolve them on the spot, leaving ash in a couple of seconds.

Youngling – 2 to 20 years
Needs to feed on at least one fully drained mortal a night (or 2 if they don’t wish to kill)
A bullet wound would take about an 1 to 2 hours to heal depending if their age is closer to 2 years or 20, but drinking blood will speed it up
Even without a sire, they’ve figured out most things by now
Some vampiric abilities might be showing if they put effort into learning them, such as celerity (speed), and telepathy (mind-reading).
The sun would dissolve them within 5 seconds. If they stepped out into the sun and then straight back into shadow, they’d be hideously burned and that would heal very slowly (would take years). It would remain painful until it healed.

Neophyte - 21 to 99 years
Only needs to feed every second or third night, depending on how far along they are.
A bullet wound would take about 30-40 minutes to heal, but drinking blood would heal it up right away
With some initial practise, they should have a good grasp on celerity, but telepathy would still be a chore.
The sun would burn them a little slower, giving them 10 seconds in the light before they are destroyed. Any burns from the sun, even slight ones, would be extremely painful until fully healed (which would take years).

Vampire – 100 to 999 years
Only needs to feed once every third night or couple of weeks, depending on how far along they are.
A bullet wound would take about 10-40 minutes to heal (depending on how old they are), but drinking blood would heal it up right away
Telepathy is easier, but not available without practise
The sun would likely destroy them within 10-20 seconds. Burns would be painful until healed (which would take years) and disfigure them.

Ancient – 1000+
Only needs to feed once a month, or even less depending on how old they are.
A bullet wound would take 2 minutes to heal.
Celerity is easily achieved, whether learned or not.
Telepathy is easy as long as it has been studied. The ability is there, but effort needs to be taken. Practising all the way through means the Ancient has amazing mental powers – even to the point of levitation. Note that any display of such powers is taxing on the mind, and vampires cannot automatically read from other supernatural beings – only from humans. A mind-read to a vampire would feel ticklish, or even needling.
The sun would burn them very slowly, so a quick step out would tan them.
Anything over 2 seconds in the sunlight would be painful for a few months. A tan would be made in a second. Note that a tan made this way would lower their stamina to the sun, therefore the next step outside in the daylight would be extremely painful. They’d take about 30 seconds to burn to death. Anything more than 10 seconds would make them look really bad, for about a year. The pain would be excruciating until healed.

Infusco Vampire Types (as defined by the Oligarchy)
The Oligarchy of the nameless city will define vampires into sub-groups depending on the personality or status of the vampire in question. When the Oligarchy brands a vampire into a certain type, it tends to stay with them. (Note to those playing vampires other than Infusco types – such as Masquerade – your vampire will be defined by the Oligarchy as one of the types below).

Disturbed: Anguish at becoming a vampire leads to a mental break from reality, or some erratic behaviour. Anyone that’s a little unpredictable or even quirky might fall into this group.

Rogue: A violent or excessive vampire, usually frowned upon by the Council for murders only lessen the mortal herd. Sometimes Rogues are ‘hunted’ by other vampires, especially by the Humanist.

Humanist: Is bound to human life so much that they try to live as humanly as possible. They might still kill (such as self-defense), but most of them choose not to or do so either rarely or by accident. They usually wish they were human again.

Changeling: When a vampire is created out of a non-human, they are usually viewed with suspicion. Any mixed species vampire is considered a changeling, such as a Vamp-Shifter. Vampires claim these to be their own, and are annoyed that Shifters don’t recognise that.

Thin bloods: When the vampire blood is rejected by the human body but doesn’t kill the mortal in question, instead letting them survive with a vampire’s agelessness. However, depending on how badly the blood is rejected, different types of thin bloods can appear. They are all ageless and part of the undead, however, the more like a vampire they are, the more vampire rules they have to follow. A thin blood that can go out in sunlight and able to eat and drink will not need as much blood to survive – perhaps once every couple of weeks, however they would have limited vampire super-strength and definitely not any other of the nifty abilities. A thin blood that can’t go out in the sun might be stronger and have a few more nifty abilities, but will also have to feed more often to sustain their vampiric body. Most vampires consider thin bloods to be a travesty.

Artwork: Amarys, Stalking Darkness [Website]