[ Information provided by member: Ionaya ]

Classification: None

A soul that hasn’t ‘passed over’ due to individual circumstances.



  • Most commonly possess the clothes they died in.
  • Some see no relevance in a figure and are simply smoky ‘spectres’ with only a face defined.

Abilities: If they have enough power they can do smaller attempts of their former abilities.


  • They can’t be harmed by weapons such as knives, swords, baseball bats, forks, sporks etc.
  • Can possess bodies that aren’t occupied by a soul, or the bodies of smaller beings such as birds, cats, insects, etc. because their persona can overtake the inhabitant’s. Larger creatures like humans are much more difficult and can only be attempted by very strong and experienced spectres. Felines however, are the easiest to occupy because they are void of souls.

They require a certain amount of energy every second they’re on Earth. If they don’t find the energy, they disappear. No one knows where they go, but they simply fade. Without enough energy, it’s often difficult to hold objects or even speak.

General Personalities:
Impatient (for the energy they know they’re wasting every second) and forgetful. Unless they focus their minds on one matter, it’s liable their thoughts will simply disappear. Other than that, the personalities they had in their former life.

Eternal if they refuse to pass on, very limited if they are unfocused. They do not age.

They do not reproduce and usually have no urge to. Realistically, nature is more apt to get rid of them, which is why it’s even challenging to do simple tasks.

Interesting Facts:
Since energy is a must, they take it wherever they can; from light bulbs and heaters to auras and people. With this energy they can become quite lifelike, and are able to speak to others and touch material things. It’s doubtful they would be able to drain so much energy from someone to cause them much harm, but head aches and increased sleepiness would be the symptoms.

If one chooses to not have a human form and rather wisps of smoke, their energy can be used elsewhere such as for communicating and holding objects.

When in the bodies of other creatures, they use much less energy. It is cramped, however, and they can be harmed in this state.

Artwork: Michaël Brack, Factory Ghost [Website]