(information provided by member: Jexed)

Rarity: Rare

Classification: Demon (Snake)

At a simple glance, most are misled by this species and are often mistaking them as vampires. Though that fact is quite untrue, as the scaeri are snake demons.

Their bodies are not half serpent, though rather takes on the human form. They look like a regular human, which is the misleading fact of thinking them vampires, because they also have fangs.

Character Tendencies
Many scaeri think it good to drink mortal, or in some cases immortal, blood. It has no effect on them whatsoever, unless they were to drink it out of thirst.

Most are born with a lisp, though may grow out of it by their teens. They love cool, dry places, and have no healing powers at all. They can speak to snakes, but unfortunately cannot control them.

Variations of the Species
There are two different kinds of scaeri. The Scaeri Di and the Scaeri Tu.

Scaeri Di
The scaeri di are the venomous species. Their fangs are much like that of a vampire, one of the misleading attributes. On the back of the fangs and near the tip, there is a miniscule slit where the poisonous venom can be released. Don't worry, it is only fatal in large amounts, which is hard to make, but it can lead to temporary blindness, temporary paralysis, and fever symptoms.

Scaeri Tu
These are more of the constricting type. These demons have quite a grip, easy for squeezing their victim to death, or strangulation. They have fangs as well, though they have no slits in the back and cannot release venom. Scaeri Tu are always physically large and muscular.

Artwork: Rachel, Randum Vampire [Website]