Classification: Fae

Sidhe (pronounced Shee) is an Irish and Scottish Gaelic word referring first to earthen mounds that were thought to be home to a supernatural race related to the fey and elves of other traditions, and later to these inhabitants themselves.

Some of the Sidhe are said to fly through the air and shapeshift.

Shapeshifting talents are similar to Aspect Shifters, known as Bean Sidhe (pronounced Banshee)) not all of them are this type of being though.

They are protectors of lakes and rivers because these were the portals from their land to the mortal land in Ireland. The raven is often associated with them and are thought of as their messengers, or minions. They are often believed to be extremely attractive, but this is often due to their ability to magically 'charm' people. Who needs beauty when one can make their beholder desire them no matter what?

Silver and iron are their main weakness, they are highly allergic to it and it can kill them. Vanity can also be a personal weakness for them, because they see themselves as the better of other creatures. Some were known to be abductors of those that they thought would make pretty pets (mostly mortals).

Sidhe are seen as tall, longhaired creatures in rich clothes and with manners that could annoy the fly off the wall. In modern days they have to had to blend in more so they have toned down the look and cut their hair. Most times their hair speaks of their vanity - long, rich and flowing.

Vain, cocky and extremely impatient is a good descripation of some of ways that these fae act. However some have seen past the ways their own kind and decided that it was better to act as so they are accepted by society.

Magical powers:
Shapeshifting, speaking with ravens, charm and flight are not as comman as noted. Others powers seen are teleportation (a momentary blink from one place to another) for the very powerful.

Sidhe are considered to be a distinct race, quite separate from human beings yet who have had much contact with mortals over the centuries, and there are many documented testimonies to this. Belief in this race of beings who have powers beyond those of men to move quickly through the air and change their shape at will once played a huge part in the lives of people living in rural Ireland and Scotland.

Artwork: wycked, Fiach Dubh, -the Trickster [Website]