Class: Demon (Cat)

Neko-jin, which roughly translates into Cat-demon, is a term derived from the eastern lands, an area rumored to be the origin of these creatures. The reason for these rumors is simple. Due to the high spirituality of the eastern cultures, the lands of the east were sensitized to the energy of the existing world and of the worlds around them. This fact resulted in crossing ley lines. (Ley lines are lines of cosmic energy - detectable only to some supernaturals)

When two or more ley lines pass through the same space a node is created. If a node becomes large enough it can be used as a gateway to other worlds and even dimensions.

 Consequently, gates were formed between the Neko-jin’s world, which is of course inhabited by more than just these creatures, and the current.

Because they are not of this world and can tend to have violent tendencies, they are considered demons, beings of spirit manifesting into a corporeal form. They truly aren’t of course, but one of this species wouldn’t bother with a correction. Fear leads to more interesting things…

Neko-jin, for the most part, only have three –true- forms that they can vary between. One form is a feline, depicted as a cat with multiple tails... the number of tails an indication of age and strength. Their second form is closer to human. In fact, they look just like one with only a few exceptions; those being their eyes, ears, and tail. The third of course, would be a full human form which can only be mastered through practice.

Now, how they actually chose to appear is another matter in entirely. Neko-jin are granted with a certain gift known as glamour, this gives them the ability to alter their appearance anyway they wish. It grants them the ability to adapt.

Of course, not everyone is a fool for glamour. There are those out in the world that can see past the veil, and while the glamour alters the neko-jin’s appearance it does not affect their scent or their aura in anyway. So, when playing one of these creatures don’t be too surprised when they are recognized.

Notation: Glamour, for a neko-jin, is much like personal energy focused into specific aspects and can be drained.

Character Tendencies:

These creatures, of course, take on feline tendencies. Aloof to everything but themselves, Neko-jin are notorious for selfishness. If something doesn’t serve them in any fashion they are likely to ignore it and move on. The world exists for them, or so they believe, and most aren’t afraid to flaunt that fact.

Now, selfishness isn’t their only trait. Curious and inquisitive, they’ll do just about anything to capture some unknown bit of knowledge once it has caught their fancy. There is always this persistent ‘need to know’ about them. One can spend hours studying something just to attempt figuring it out. It can be as simple as a falling leaf or it can be as complex as a human mind, just what ever strikes them at the time.

This brings us to another characteristic: fickleness. Due to their curious nature, Neko-jin tend to have troubles staying with one thing too long. While it can seem like ages before they move on, they actually tend to tire easily due to a fear of missing out on something else. Another curiosity, a better way to serve themselves, any number of things can take their focus.

Playfulness is another tendency that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Neko-jin are a very mischievous race ever playing cat and mouse, even as elders. Now, they don’t pounce and prance about like the younger ones might, batting at their idle amusements. Their games are more elaborate, more disguised. One could call it trickery, but generally one who does is on the receiving end.

Neko-jin are very agile creatures that tend to be light and quick in their movements, a balance beam isn’t even a feat for them. Masters of the cat and mouse game, they are generally just as agile with their tongue.

As curious as they are, Neko-jin tend to be easily distracted. Also both their curiosity and aloofness can tend to put them in tight spots. Due to their wild nature, they generally can’t stand to be caged, or indoors for too long either.

Neko-jin generally act as independent agents. Once they are old enough to fight for themselves, they usually take their own path. Of course, there are some that also run in clans. So it would simply depend on the type of neko-jin. Like humans, their species varies.

The long and short of it, Neko-jin are feral, wild, creatures (for the most part) and while they can be domesticated(about as much as say a tiger could be) they prefer to be free, undburdened, and for the most part ALONE.

The neko-jin are said to be ageless. It is rumored that this is because they still the lives of children. Of course, such are only rumors. They do age, but by their own standards. Neko-jin more or less get to choose when they age. A neko-jin will not reach its next stage of development until it decides that it is ready to move on. A reason, perhaps, behind the nine lives theory granted to their feline cousins.

One way to follow the age pattern, is by looking at their tails.

One tail = Appearance 0 - 25yrs (by human standards)
Two tails = Appearance 26 - 35yrs
Three tails = Appearance 36 - 40yrs
Four tails = Appearance 41 - 50yrs
Five tails = Appearance 51 - 60 yrs
Six tails = Appearance 61 - 70 yrs
Seven tails = Appearance 71 - 60yrs
Eight tails = Appearance 59 - 40yrs
Nine tails = Appearance 49 - 30yrs

As more power is acquired it is possible to reverse the appearance of age. Remember Neko-jin are vain, how you look physically as you age is determined by your lifestyle. (Look at Madonna and Cher~)

On a side note: Neko-jin are NOT immortal, they can be killed, they do die.. and their spirits can be extinguished. They are not invincible.. and when it comes to serious wounds their healing rate is actually slower than a humans.

Artwork: Tim Stouten, Neko-Jin [Website]