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Class: Fae

They resemble humans but have some striking differences.

Bat-like wings spring from their shoulder blades in a colour that tends to reflect that imp’s specialty element

A long tail (the length is usually half the imp’s height) which is the same colour as the wings, ending in a spade-like tip.

The Colour of Wings and Tail according to speciality element

If an imp weaves more than 1 element, their wings are always dark gray.

  • Fire Imp – Orange wings
  • Water Imp – Turquoise (blue/green) wings
  • Ice Imp – Light blue wings
  • Dark Imp – Black or Dark Purple Wings
  • Stone Imp – Light gray (almost white) wings


A tenth of the speed of humans. This means a demon that appears to be 18 is actually 180 years old, and one that looks 45 is 450 years old.

Current Understanding
Any Imp would be extremely annoyed to be called a demon, but due to their elemental nature, they are usually classified as Demon instead of Fae (despite the fact that demons don’t have tails). Instead of their elemental powers coming from their very being (like Demons), an Imp has to ‘weave’ the element, which means that they work hard for their result and are rather envious of those who can just whisk up an element without too much trouble at all.

Each imp has either a strong power involving one element that they specialise in, or if they span across the range of elements their powers are much lesser though varied (all they can achieve is the first weaving on each elemental list). The common elements for imps are not the same as a demon, as they are elemental-weavings, and take the following forms: Fire, Water, Ice, Darkness and Stone.

If an imp specialises in one element, they can perform all the weavings described beneath that element. If they specialise in two elements, they can perform the first two weavings only for each element. If they specialise in three or more, they can only perform the first weaving from each element they have learned.

Fire Imps:
Usually pyromaniacs and drawn to the flame, there are three layers of elements they can weave to their liking:

  1. Torch – can light a glowing flame that is best used on the end of a stick, burns slowly and brightly.
  2. Fire Dart – can shoot an arrow of flame either out of the points of their fingers or out of both eyes, depending on how they prefer to target
  3. The Burning Imp – can set themselves alight in a manner which will not burn them, but they can run around setting fire to everything they touch, this only lasts around 5 minutes

Water Imps
They adore the beach and are often found lazing about in swimming pools or languishing in bath tubs

  1. Fountain – can pull up a small fountain of water directly from the earth, so that even in the desert they’d be able to have a drink
  2. Spray – can shoot a high powered jet of water at their enemy, with enough force that could pierce through a brick wall, it comes either out of the points of their fingers or out of both eyes, depending on how they prefer to target
  3. Invisible Imp – can turn their body into a watery property, so that it is very difficult to see them (although not impossible), this only lasts 5 minutes

Ice Imps

  1. Freeze – can freeze the surface of a body of water, useful for crossing lakes or rivers, simply freeze the water into an ice bridge and cross
  2. Cold Bolt – can shoot a high powered ‘stake’ of ice at their enemy, sharp and deadly. It comes either out of the points of their fingers or out of both eyes, depending on how they prefer to target
  3. Ice Age – can freeze themselves enter a state of suspended animation, bypassing a time that they do not enjoy, they do not age but it is like hibernation, they do not know of time passing when in that state. They ‘set the timer’ at the beginning of their weaving.

Dark Imp

  1. Shroud of Darkness – can summon a mass of darkness to sneak about or hide away in, only lasts a short while but is long enough to run away from enemies
  2. Blindness – can send a pulse of dark energy to the target and temporarily blind them. The pulse comes from either out of the points of their fingers or out of both eyes, depending on how they prefer to target
  3. Shadow – can make a shadow of their choosing come ‘alive’ for whatever purpose, usually battle. A smart imp would cast the spell on the shadow of their attacker. An actual shadow is needed for the weaving to work, and it remains that way until the shadow itself is destroyed by no longer having access to the being it is attached to.

Stone Imp

  1. Four Walls – can summon a block of stone to lift up out of the earth to form a wall – from either one to four walls depending on the purpose (one wall would be handy if pursued by enemies, ducking into an alley and springing up a stone wall behind themselves, or if only one enemy, could summon up four walls around them, trapping them)
  2. Pellets – can shoot a pellet out of each of their fingers by pointing – which means if they only point with one finger then one pellet shoots out, whereas if they claw their hands and aim, they could get ten pellets shooting out at a rapid speed toward their enemy – the effect is similar to a shotgun.
  3. Gargoyle – can turn themselves into stone, but can still move (though movements can be slow, but their wings still work – they move at half the speed though)

    Artwork: Jane, Demon [Website]