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Also Known As:

Human beings, mortals (often used incorrectly), homo sapiens, people and persons.

Can live up to 80+ years, but the aged are rare, especially when their vulnerability is taken into consideration. Humans are notoriously fragile, prone to accident and disease, yet they are the most prevalent and, arguably, most successful species thus far.

Life Cycle
Their life cycle begins with birth, followed by infanthood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and inevitably, death.


On the supernatural scale of things, humans breed like rabbits. Compared to other species, which cannot procreate, or do so once in a blue moon, the rate at which humans produce offspring is mind-boggling. Mating habits vary greatly, as does courtship, although completely monogamous humans are a rarity.

Again, this varies. All sorts of frames and builds are possible: squat, tall, willowy, muscled, etc. Eye colours are restricted to blues, greys, greens, browns and blacks. Natural hair colours include blonde, brunette, auburn and black. Greys and whites usually only appear at middle-adulthood to old age. No wings, horns or other paranormal (if you’ll excuse the term) appendages.

No fixed type or common traits save that most humans are fixated on issues of morality.

o No powers. Zilch. Zero. Zippo. If a human has powers, they always have some kind of mixed heritage.
o Frequently preyed upon or targeted (such as in the case of vampires)
o Other individual weaknesses

o Fertility (as mentioned above)
o Gifted at harnessing and utilising technology
o Resilient
o Can be transformed into other species
o Other individual strengths

Artwork: Aaron Jasinski, People From Far Out [Website]