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Fallen Angels are free to become whoever they wish to be, and can be good, or evil, or somewhere in between. The choice is theirs.

They lose their immortality when they fall, and become human (with wings). If they are a fully matured Angel when they fall, they start aging from 25 years old. 

o They all have wings. Fallen Angel wings change to become either black or red.
o Fallen angels cannot hide their wings, but they can cut them off. A lot of fallen angels choose to do this because the black or red wings shame them. Sometimes they don’t have to, because their depression makes them moult. The ones that keep their wings are the ones that tend to consider becoming a Dark Angel.
o Fallen Angels just look like the next person off the street, (only with wings, if they still have them)
o Their hair colouring is no longer the ethereal white or gold, it becomes a different ‘ordinary’ colour. Perhaps they’re still blonde, but the blonde would not be like spun gold, but rather an imperfect colour – a more mortal colour.

Angels that have fallen have committed a heinous moral crime that turned them away from being an angel of light or angel of mercy (simply known as an Angel).

The crime would have to be the product of one of the seven deadly sins:

Lust: Self-indulgent sexual desire
(note (specific): coveting sex without the interest of love – an angel will not fall if they are a homosexual, please don’t use that as a reason or your character won’t be approved)

Gluttony: Wasting of food

(note: taking more than one could actually consume is gluttonous, it doesn’t necessarily mean they actually eat a lot)

Avarice (Greed):
Wanting more material possessions than are necessary

Laziness or idleness, not wishing to work

Anger, hatred and revenge

Jealousy, resentment of others for their possessions or skills

Vanity, to care about one’s appearance or station above all else

Magical Talents
Fallen Angels do not have any magical powers whatsoever. No healing or harming. All their powers were removed along with their immortality when they fell. You lose, man. A Fallen Angel is exactly like a human, only with wings, and the only difference is that they have potential of becoming a Dark Angel if they choose that path.

They still have a natural ability to produce beautiful music, especially singing (hence the term: s/he sings like an angel)

Artwork: Arturo Abundes, Ballad of Fallen Angels [Website]