Roleplay City is a multi-genre structured-forum roleplay arena. What this means is that we build the worlds and settings for you to play your characters in.

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  INFUSCO: Enter The Shadows
Beneath the muted stars and nameless city lights, mortals walk the streets ignorant to the Infusco, those that melt into the darkness and offer enlightenment through death and seduction.

Modern Vampire/Demon/Lycan Roleplay, with original species charts.
Infusco Website : Infusco Roleplay Forums



  OBERON CASTLE: Drink Today, Die Tomorrow
From royalty to peasantry, nobles, merchants and farmers in between, Oberon Castle is set in war-free times where the biggest battle is surviving the role you were born into.

Medieval Roleplay in a fictional setting, loosely based on UK.
Oberon Castle Website : Oberon Castle Roleplay Forums



  HALFLIGHT: Hiding in the Half Light
A world of elves, orcs, djinn and humans, all living together not-so-harmoniously in the region of Charr`long. An assassin academy, a mage's tower and elven cities of light and darkness can be found.

D&D based roleplay, with original areas (Literary, not Gaming)
Halflight Website : Halflight Roleplay Forums




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