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Roleplay City Rules
« on: January 30, 2006, 04:01:42 AM »
1. General & Specific Rules
  • Each roleplay forum setting adheres to these roleplay rules, so ensure you read through this post and understand it before roleplaying.
  • All of these forums are not for children. There are very graphic scenes that are naughty, sexy and use profanity.
  • Following you will find general rules that apply to the entire site at Trolls and those who post hate speech will be banned without warning.

2. Literary Roleplay
  • We would like you to set the scene, describe your character and invest some craft into your posts. You don't have to be a brilliant writer - just give the other player something they can work with.
  • The boards are written in 3rd person narrative format in past tense; please do not deviate from this. There is an exception in that if you BEGIN an RP thread, the member joining knows how you're going to be writing and agrees that it's all good!

3. Posting
  • Try not to double post. If you need to add to your last post there is an edit feature.
  • Do not post about illegal topics such as downloading of licensed software, books, movies or music.
  • If you post in the wrong forum an admin or moderator may see fit to move it to the appropriate forum. You can also PM (Private Message) an Admin or Moderator to do this for you if you make an error.
  • Try and maintain a balance in the roleplay. Sometimes this is done with an action-heavy or dialogue-heavy paragraph, sometimes there's a bunch of introspection and the post goes for ages. Whatever you do, please give your partner something to react to.
  • No godmoding, where you write reactions for others.  Don't react to narrative, character thoughts/intentions (unless your character is literally a mind-reader or empath) or use your OOC knowledge.  Do not allow your character to 'guess' things with alarming accuracy, as this can be frustrating for roleplayers trying to set something up. Characters should make mistakes or misread situations. This is where the fun lies.
  • If you have more than 2 people roleplaying in a thread, try to give everyone a chance to respond. At the same time, if you're in a thread with more than 2 people, do your best to not keep them waiting. When it comes to multiple folks in a huge-ass thread, just post whenever, otherwise everyone is waiting for everyone else.
  • Good spelling and grammar as best you can.
  • We prefer that you do not colour your posts because some colours can be hard to read. If we find hard-to-read posts, we'll recolour them back to normal and send you a PM (Private Message). Anything hard to read will be changed back to default by Admin. Please also don't colour your dialogue. It draws the eye and makes it hard to read the stuff around it.
  • When you begin a new roleplay with your first post (i.e., start a new thread), and it is open for others to join, please advertise it in the New Roleplays forum of the corresponding forum.  Provide a link to the roleplay for the ease of others to join it.

4. Membership
  • You are entitled to register one account per member. Please do not create multiple accounts.
  • If you sign up with a username that can be considered insulting, your account will be deleted.
  • Guests can read the boards but can't participate until they become a member. Note that when you join, you will not be able to post until you activate your account with the email link sent to you, then you will have all posting rights.
  • If you want to change your username, contact an Admin with your request. They can change it for you.

5. Signatures
  • Keep them small and simple or your signature will be removed.
  • Signatures are for linking to your characters, or maybe writing a clever quote that appeals to you.

6. Advertising
  • Don’t do it; not in a post, signature or profile. Advertisers and all their posts will be deleted.

7. Identity
  • Roleplay City, along with the roleplaying boards, do have their own forum identities. As for Infusco, the idea of a city run by supernaturals is generic enough that we don't lay claim to it, but the locations, descriptions and board plot/timelines fall under copyright and intellectual property laws.

8. Characters
  • You can have as many characters as you want.
  • No pre-existing characters, they must be unique to you. This means nobody from television, movies, computer games and the like.  You may be INSPIRED by such. It's a copyright thing. This is not a place to post fan-fic.
  • Your character's name does not have to be the same as your username.
  • When you invent a character, fill out a character sheet and post it in the Pending Character section before roleplaying with them.
  • Your characters CAN die in any of the forums, though it is USUALLY with your permission. Take note that in reasonable roleplay, if your character makes a seriously bad decision, they could be mortally wounded by another character.

9. Forum Specific Information
  • Infusco began as a shounen-ai (male x male romantic relationships) and still features many characters and storylines on this theme. These relationships are not considered unusual or unhealthy within Infusco.  If you are so uncomfortable with this that you don't even want to accidentally read it, we suggest you do not join
  • You are allowed to roleplay any manner of relationship you like.
  • We do have hetero characters on the boards but most characters will be LGBTQi+ so be prepared to celebrate and respect this.

10. Copyright
  • Copyright remains with each respective author (member) of Roleplay City.
  • If you wish to publish a roleplay, story or fanfiction that use characters that were not created by you, you must seek permission from the member whose characters or storyline idea it comes from, or failing your ability to contact them, contact the Admin (details below). If they can't be reached, don't publish their writing or concepts!

11. Administrators and Moderators
  • Administrators and Moderators have final say. We'll do our best to be reasonable. We do not want to spoil your fun!
  • Your Roleplay City Admins and Mods are:
  • RPC Admin: The default admin account for site maintenance. Please DO NOT PM the RPC Admin account.
  • Satyr: General Admin, Greeter, Site & Setting Maintainer, Character Approver, Has no life.
  • Existentially Odd: General Admin, Greeter, Character Approver, Has a life.